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Large photo print

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Other professional photo products

Fine Art Print – Fujifilm© Ultra Chrome

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Glossy/matt – incl. FREE registration
Pro price from : 4.13 GBP

Direct print PREMIUM HD on Alu-Dibond©

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NEW: incl. FREE registration
Price for pros from: 14.93 GBP

XXLPIX Canvas© – TOP Gallery Finish

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Wooden frame + incl. FREE registration
Price for pros from : 13.70 GBP

Hahnemühle Photo Rag© 308 Art Finish

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100% Cotton – FREE registration
Pro price from: 13.70 GBP

Hahnemühle Baryta© 300 Fine Art

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High End Direct print – NEW: incl. FREE Registration
Pro photographer price from : 13.90 GBP

Acrylic Glass Direct print XXLPIX©: UHD-Quality

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Direct print incl. BRIGHT WHITE Print
3mm & 8mm -Pro price from : 15.86 GBP

Chormogenic Print on Fuji© Supreme HD

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Fujicolor Crystal Archive – incl. FREE registration
Pro price from : 0.20 GBP

Chromogenic Print on Silk Fuji Crystal

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Fuji color Crystal Archive – incl. FREE registration
Pro price from: 0.30 GBP

Premium Composite XXLPIX© Gallery Finish

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Direct Giclée print on Acrylic glass – Alu-Dibond©
Museum finish – Pro price from : 45.48 GBP

Laminated Chromogenic Print – Alu-Dibond©

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Fuji© Crystal DP II on Alu-Dibond©
NEW: Price for pros from : 38.95 GBP

FREE E-Book? Large for prints for professional Photographers: Download here

A professional photo lab for large photo print

As a professional lab for large format print, XXLPIX delivers premium photo products to over 35,000 professional photographers and photography studios across Europe. Alu-Dibond, canvas, acrylic glass and the compound product “premium composite” are especially in ever higher demand from professional photographers and their clients. As a professional lab we support photographers on a daily basis to get the very best results out of their photographs. With our new e-book “Large format printing for pro photographers” we help you avoid frequent errors and create the ideal photo product to suit your requirements.

The 7 most frequent errors with large photo printing

1. Image file resolution too low when transferring to the lab

Some photographers send files to the lab which don’t match the requirements of large photo printing. The XXLPIX system does automatically recognise image files with lower resolution, but some slip past this quality control if they’ve been upscaled in a photo editing program. This method is only viable in few cases. Always check the upscaled image at 100% to make sure the quality is sufficient.

2. Small image errors will be more obvious on a large photo print

Most large format prints currently ordered by professional photographers are reworked in a photo editing program. This process is making photography more valuable, and making large photo prints more and more impressive. However, retouching should be handled with extreme care, especially when it comes to large format printing. Even minor gradient issues in the image file can quickly become visible in the lab. For that reason you should always double check all your changes before ordering, as a professional print from our lab makes every minor detail visible.

3. Cropping images for professionals

Image cropping is an especially important point when it comes to large format printing on canvas. The gallery frame which is so popular with professional photographers requires a larger border allowance in your motif. As a professional photo lab, XXLPIX recommends 3 cm border allowance for standard frames and 5 cm for gallery frames. You can preview your visible picture detail without border allowance either in your program, or at your convenience on the XXLPIX ordering page to ensure that your large photo print comes out with the best possible results.

4. Choosing a colour mode is important for the results in the pro photo lab

Black and white prints are much loved by professional photographers. At the photo lab, black and white large prints from photo look particularly impressive. Unfortunately even professional photographers often transfer photos to the lab to be printed in black and white, without setting the colour to monochrome. This means that colour information from the colour channels is also transferred, which interferes with the black and white print. These images then have a tint of colour, which the lab workers won’t be able to recognise as intentional or unintentional. If you want a pure black and white print you should always set your image to monochrome before sending it to the XXLPIX lab.

5. Photo product doesn’t match picture motif or photography style

Large format photo prints have different surface characteristics, which determine their suitability as prints in the photo lab, depending on the picture. For example a flowery landscape printed in the lab on brushed Alu-Dibond can have be absolutely stunning. While canvas is more of the classical, artistic medium, Alu-Dibond is more frequently used for technical or architectural motifs. Acrylic glass appears modern due to its high gloss surface, while premium composite appears the most valuable and high quality, being also the most highly priced product in the lab.

6. Choosing the wrong photo products can get really expensive

The photo products produced in the XXLPIX lab are high grade quality products, optimised for maximum image impact using colour, truth to detail and image definition. Professional photographers can choose between different media, but often choose value products for financial reasons or to meet clients’ wishes. They are often bad choices. Image files printed in XXL format on 3 mm acrylic glass will never have the stability of 8 mm acrylic glass or premium composite in the same size. At the latest this problem can become clear while trying to mount the product. This error can be avoided with professional advice from the lab, especially considering the possible expense of a repeat production.

7. Chosen mounting doesn’t match the medium

The mounting method used for large format photo products is often overlooked, even by professional photographers. Although thousands of euros are invested for premium productions in the lab, the cheapest mounting methods are often chosen in the end. In the worst case, this error is first apparent when the mounting system fails. Large formats out of acrylic glass or premium composite can reach weights of over 50 kg. If a mounting system collapses with such a weight it can be dangerous, and even lead to legal issues. Therefore always pay heed to advice concerning mounting.

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FREE E-Book? Large format print for photographers: Download here

Large prints from photos are trend products

The XXLPIX lab currently offers much more large format products and styles than ever before. Different material trends come and go. While Forex was once the most popular medium among professional photographers, this product has long lost its important status. Current trends in new materials are introduced for large formats which are often directly requested by customers. But lately the demand of professional photographers has been 90% for the following products.

Print formats for large print photography

Photo productFormat min.Format max.
Forex20×20 cm300×200 cm
Fine Art Print20×20 cm200×110 cm
Canvas20×20 cm300×140 cm
Acrylic glass/Plexiglas20×20 cm300×200 cm
Lambda Print20×20 cm300×180 cm
Alu-Dibond20×20 cm300×200 cm
Premium Composite20×20 cm300×180 cm

Resolution requirements

Photo productResolution min.Resolution max.
Forex120 DPI300 DPI
Fine Art Print200 DPI300 DPI
Canvas100 DPI150 DPI
Acrylic glass/Plexiglas150 DPI300 DPI
Lambda Print200 DPI300 DPI
Alu-Dibond120 DPI300 DPI
Premium Composite200 DPI300 DPI

The 5 most essential pro photo products in large forma

1. Forex is losing its status

The hard foam sheet is practical, and used to be exclusively offered by the lab to professional photographers, but it hardly sells these days. The trend today is clearly moving towards high grade, representative photo products in the professional sector.

2. Canvas is the classic large format photo print products

Photo canvas is the absolute classic among large format photo prints offered by our photo lab. Professional photographers especially know and love the 4 cm gallery frame. It is a synonym for high quality among professionals.

3. Acrylic glass or Plexiglas is the trend at the photo lab

Acrylic glass or Plexiglas is quite clearly the current trend among professional photographers. No other product has had so much success among professionals in the last few years. More Plexiglas products are constantly being shipped out of the XXLPIX lab than ever before.

4. Alu-Dibond is much loved among professional photographers

Alu-Dibond has always been valued by professional photographers for its material properties and its worth in aluminium. The number of Alu-Dibond photo products being sold is still on the up, as our modern lab offers professional photographers a whole new range of possibilities by directly printing on aluminium.

5. Premium Composite is the most hight grade photo product

Premium composite is a combination of Alu-Dibond, a photographical print and a sheet of acrylic glass. These premium photo materials are used in an elaborate process at the XXLPIX lab where they are fused together. Especially high grade, artistic photography is often printed on premium composite these days.

Large format prints are a convincing asset


Tip: Registered photographers who order large format prints can benefit from our trade prices which can be up to 50% off

Exhibition packages

Package I – Alternative
(26 motifs on canvas)

1 x Canvas 180×120 cm

25 x Canvas 105×75 cm

1,665.10 GBP

1,599 GBP

Package II – Classic
(26 motifs on Alu-Dibond©)

1 x Alu-Dibond© 150×100 cm

25 x Alu-Dibond© 90×60 cm

2,387.10 GBP

2,249 GBP

Package III – Premium
(26 motifs on XXLPIX© Premium Composite)

1 x Premium Composite 150×100 cm

25 x Premium Composite 90×60 cm

5,648.91 GBP

5,299 GBP

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