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    Acrylic glass

    XXLPIX© Direct print on Acrylic glass
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    Acrylic glass - Product description


    • High-gloss acrylic glass
    • Océ – Canon print technology
    • Up to 200 years’ fade resistance
    • Glass thickness: 3 or 8 mm
    • High quality: Made in Germany
    • Made with ♥ in Berlin

    Detailed information

    • High-gloss acrylic with glass thickness of 3 or 8 mm
    • Premium 8 mm glass + diamond cut edges
    • Choice of 3 mounting systems – incl. “floating” mount
    • Printed with Océ – Canon print technology directly onto acrylic glass including white print
    • Many sizes also available with next day delivery
    • Glass printing also available in XXL sizes up to 80 in (2 metres)

    Acrylic glass – All sizes

    Acrylic glass 45 x 30 cm0,14St, Prio, 24h2660 x 17704,71
    Acrylic glass 60 x 40 cm0,24St, Prio, 24h3540 x 23608,35
    Acrylic glass 75 x 50 cm0,38St4430 x 295013,07
    Acrylic glass 90 x 60 cm0,54St, Prio, 24h5310 x 354018,80
    Acrylic glass 120 x 80 cm0,96St, Prio7090 x 472033,46
    Acrylic glass 150 x 100 cm1,50St8860 x 591052,36
    Acrylic glass 40 x 30 cm0,12St, Prio, 24h2360 x 17704,18
    Acrylic glass 60 x 45 cm0,27St, Prio, 24h3540 x 26609,42
    Acrylic glass 80 x 60 cm0,48St, Prio, 24h4720 x 354016,71
    Acrylic glass 100 x 75 cm0,75St5910 x 443026,18
    Acrylic glass 120 x 90 cm1,08St, Prio7090 x 531037,65
    Acrylic glass 160 x 120 cm1,92St9450 x 709067,00
    Acrylic glass 60 x 60 cm0,36St, Prio, 24h3540 x 354012,53
    Acrylic glass 80 x 80 cm0,64St, Prio, 24h4720 x 472022,28
    Acrylic glass 100 x 100 cm1,00St, Prio, 24h5910 x 591034,93
    Acrylic glass 120 x 120 cm1,44St7090 x 709050,27
    Acrylic glass 80 x 40 cm0,32St, Prio, 24h4720 x 236011,14
    Acrylic glass 90 x 45 cm0,41St5310 x 266014,12
    Acrylic glass 120 x 60 cm0,72St, Prio, 24h7090 x 354025,1
    Acrylic glass 150 x 75 cm1,13St8860 x 443039,25
    Acrylic glass 200 x 100 cm2,00St11810 x 591069,80
    Acrylic glass 60 x 20 cm0,12St3540 x 11804,18
    Acrylic glass 90 x 30 cm0,27St5310 x 17709,40
    Acrylic glass 120 x 40 cm0,48St7090 x 236016,73
    Acrylic glass 150 x 50 cm0,75St8860 x 295026,14
    Acrylic glass 180 x 60 cm1,08St10630 x 354037,63
    Acrylic glass 210 x 70 cm1,47St12400 x 413051,21

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    FR, NL, BE, LX, TZ, HN, PL, DK3 – 52 – 41**
    ES, PT, IT, SE, FI, IE4 – 63 – 61**
    CH, NO, REST5 – 74 – 6-
    WORLD7 – 12--

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    * Prioritised production and stardard delivery
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    *** minimum purchase 200 units / month

    Acrylic glass – All information

    Acrylic Glass – a fashionable product

    We provide acrylic glass photo prints in two formats, meaning you can choose to have your photo printed on 3 mm or 8 mm thick acrylic glass. Regardless of which format you choose, we guarantee a superior quality as both styles of print offer high-colour brilliance combined with an unsurpassed glossy surface. To add to their superior quality, our 8 mm acrylic photo prints are delivered with diamond polished edges.

    This is also the reason why more and more artistic works are produced as photos on acrylic glass. Pro photographers in particular use acrylic glass photos from our pro photo lab to present their work in an impressive way.

    When printing on acrylic glass, the image will be printed directly onto the reverse side of an acrylic glass sheet and then sealed with additional layers of white print. Acrylic glass prints are very popular today. One of the reasons for this is that high-gloss surfaces are an ever growing trend recognised in avant-garde product design of furniture, notebooks or smart phones. For this modern and exclusive photo product, XXLPIX uses flat-bed printing. Because of the smooth and absolutely texture-free surface, impressive printing results can be achieved with the combination of experience and suitable technology.

    Free e-book: pro guide – acrylic glass

    Material & colour

    We offer premium acrylic glass prints in two product varieties. You decide whether you would like us to print on 3 mm or 8 mm acrylic glass for you. No matter which variety you choose, the appeal of acrylic glass lies in its lively colours, fascinating sharpness and a high-gloss surface. We ship the 8 mm acrylic glass with diamond-polished edges – this reinforces the product’s exclusive character. The brilliant colours of the print are further emphasised by the shiny surface of the acrylic glass.

    An important advantage of acrylic glass is its break-resistance. Compared to conventional window glass, acrylic glass is considerably more resilient. This significantly reduces the risk of damage. prints on acrylic glass are also water and weather resistant, enabling even outdoor use, if required. Please note that XXL sizes can weigh up to 15 kg.

    Production & delivery

    The current technological advances in the printing industry are considerable. With technology used by XXLPIX, the use of high-quality materials and accurate pre-processing, it is now possible for the first time to print directly on glass with a resolution of up to 1400 dpi. Up until recently, acrylic glass prints were produced simply by glueing paper prints onto the reverse side of an acrylic glass sheet. Some companies still use this method today. Applying our revolutionary direct printing process, XXLPIX provides you with a perfect, impressive and long-lasting product, which will bring you pleasure for years to come, as the glass protects the high-resolution print and its vivid colours. During transport, the acrylic glass surface is protected by a special protective film. The whole acrylic glass print is packaged in bubble wrap and is packed with specifically manufactured protective corners. Perfectly packaged like this, your artwork goes safely on its journey to you.

    Suitable for …

    Acrylic glass reproductions are, to this day and without a doubt, the most fashionable medium for exhibitions and gallery openings. This is also the case for decoration in shops, cafés and restaurants, where the owners are thrilled with the luxurious effect the material produces. It is also commonly used for exhibit stands, road signs, or any sort of sign where conveying a message is of prime importance.

    Mounting and installation

    Depending on the use of the product, we offer different mounting solutions. A free-floating effect is achieved by mounting with adhesive bonds installed on the reverse side. In outdoor areas or with particularly heavy products, we recommend mounting with steel rods. All mounting kits can be selected during the ordering process.

    Material properties

    • Weather resistant
    • Completely colourless
    • Shatterproof
    • Highly transparent
    • Versatile
    • Suitable for back-lighting

    Technical data of acrylic glass photos

    • Density 1.18 kg/dm3
    • Translucence 92 %
    • Thickness 3 mm, 8 mm
    • Fire protection class DIN 4102-2 B
    • Maximum standard format: 2400 mm x 1200 mm
    • Minimum standard format: 200 mm x 200 mm

    Printing on acrylic glass in numerous variations

    We offer photo prints on acrylic glass in numerous sizes and formats, as you can see in the following table. If required, you can order even more individual special formats up to the dimensions of 240 x 120 cm. This trend product is being offered in the variants acrylic glass 3 mm and acrylic glass 8 mm with diamond-polished edges.