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Fine Art Print

XXLPIX© Quality for Pro Photographers
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Fine Art Print Product description

Fine Art Print information


  • FujiColour® premium poster paper
  • Semi- or high-gloss finish
  • EPSON® UltraChrome® – HDR® colour system
  • Fade resistant for up to 200 years
  • Rolled up for shipping
  • Best quality: Made in Germany
  • Made with ♥ in Berlin

Detailed information


  • Photo poster on Fuji© premium paper with Luminax technology for brilliant colour reproduction
  • Printed directly onto professional photo paper with modern EPSON© UltraChrome© 11 colour technology
  • Available in semi-gloss (270 g/m²) and high-gloss (240 g/m²) finishes
  • Available in many sizes incl. XXL sizes up to 80 in (2 metres)
  • Guaranteed light resistance of up to 200 years out of direct sunlight

Fine Art Prints – All sizes

Fine Art Print 30 x 20 cm0,06St, Ex, On1770 x 11802,09
Fine Art Print 45 x 30 cm0,14St, Ex, On2660 x 17704,71
Fine Art Print 60 x 40 cm0,24St, Ex, On3540 x 23608,35
Fine Art Print 75 x 50 cm0,38St, Ex, On4430 x 295013,07
Fine Art Print 90 x 60 cm0,54St, Ex, On5310 x 354018,80
Fine Art Print 120 x 80 cm0,96St, Ex, On7090 x 472033,46
Fine Art Print 150 x 100 cm1,50St, Ex, On8860 x 591052,36
Fine Art Print 28 x 21 cm0,06St, Ex, On1650 x 12402,05
Fine Art Print 40 x 30 cm0,12St, Ex, On2360 x 17704,18
Fine Art Print 60 x 45 cm0,27St, Ex, On3540 x 26609,42
Fine Art Print 80 x 60 cm0,48St, Ex, On4720 x 354016,71
Fine Art Print 100 x 75 cm0,75St, Ex, On5910 x 443026,18
Fine Art Print 120 x 90 cm1,08St, Ex, On7090 x 531037,65
Fine Art Print 160 x 120 cm1,92St, Ex, On9450 x 709067,00
Fine Art Print 30 x 30 cm0,09St, Ex, On1770 x 17703,13
Fine Art Print 40 x 40 cm0,16St, Ex, On2360 x 23605,57
Fine Art Print 50 x 50 cm0,25St, Ex, On2950 x 29508,70
Fine Art Print 60 x 60 cm0,36St, Ex, On3540 x 354012,53
Fine Art Print 70 x 70 cm0,49St, Ex, On4130 x 413017,06
Fine Art Print 80 x 80 cm0,64St, Ex, On4720 x 472022,28
Fine Art Print 90 x 90 cm0,81St, Ex, On5310 x 531028,20
Fine Art Print 100 x 100 cm1,00St, Ex, On5910 x 591034,93
Fine Art Print 80 x 40 cm0,32St, Ex, On4720 x 236011,14
Fine Art Print 90 x 45 cm0,41St, Ex, On5310 x 266014,12
Fine Art Print 120 x 60 cm0,72St, Ex, On7090 x 354025,10
Fine Art Print 150 x 75 cm1,13St, Ex, On8860 x 443039,25
Fine Art Print 200 x 100 cm2,00St, Ex, On11810 x 591069,80
Fine Art Print 60 x 20 cm0,12St, Ex, On3540 x 11804,18
Fine Art Print 75 x 25 cm0,19St, Ex, On4430 x 14806,56
Fine Art Print 90 x 30 cm0,27St, Ex, On5310 x 17709,40
Fine Art Print 120 x 40 cm0,48St, Ex, On7090 x 236016,73
Fine Art Print 150 x 50 cm0,75St, Ex, On8860 x 295026,14
Fine Art Print 180 x 60 cm1,08St, Ex, On10630 x 354037,63
Fine Art Print 210 x 70 cm1,47St, Ex, On12400 x 413051,21
Fine Art Print 50 x 40 cm0,20St, Ex, On2950 x 23606,96
Fine Art Print 75 x 60 cm0,45St, Ex, On4430 x 354015,68
Fine Art Print 100 x 80 cm0,80St, Ex, On5910 x 472027,90
Fine Art Print 125 x 100 cm1,25St, Ex, On7380 x 591043,62
Fine Art Print 50 x 30 cm0,15St, Ex, On2950 x 17705,22
Fine Art Print 60 x 50 cm0,30St, Ex, On3540 x 295010,44
Fine Art Print 70 x 30 cm0,21St, Ex, On4130 x 17707,31
Fine Art Print 70 x 50 cm0,35St, Ex, On4130 x 295012,18
Fine Art Print 160 x 40 cm0,64St, Ex, On9450 x 236022,30

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Fine Art Print – All information

Fine Art Print: simple and beautiful

A Fine Art Print is probably the most economic way to turn a digital image file into a large format print. Thanks to new materials and modern printing techniques, XXLPIX executes your Fine Art Print in high-end quality.

We offer Fine Art Prints in two different finishes – semi-matte and high-gloss – and in over 50 common sizes. Almost any standard format from small sizes of 200 mm x 300 mm up to huge panorama formats in 1000 mm x 2000 mm can be manufactured. Should the desired size not be amongst the sizes on offer, that’s no problem at all: We are happy to individually produce custom formats on request.

Material and colours

XXLPIX manufactures Fine Art Prints in a highly optimised process. The printers have been calibrated for Fine Art printing and print only on one single carrier material per production line. This ensures highest printing quality and durable high-end results, even if you wish to print the same Fine Art Print again after a longer period.

Our printing systems use high-quality photo paper by Fujifilm. The photo base layer by Luminax combined with the Epson 11-Colour UltraChrome system enables a previously unknown colour brilliance, making your Fine Art Print radiate with a new colour intensity. This makes large-format photo-realistic results possible at a small price.

Production & delivery

Prior to printing, your files will be checked for suitability for Fine Art printing by experienced experts and allocated to the respective process, depending on the material. After printing, cutting and drying, your Fine Art Print will be wrapped in paper and packaged in specially-designed transport shells. That way, we make sure your product arrives immaculately – just the way we produced it for you.

Material properties of Fine Art Prints

  • Various Fine Art Print papers available
  • Brillant colour properties
  • Fade-free inks
  • Eco-friendly components
  • Neutral black & white
  • Neutral grey tones
  • Guaranteed minimum fade resistance: 75 years

Technical data of Fine Art Prints

  • Paper weight gloss 240 g/m²
  • Paper weight semi matt 270 g/m²
  • Fujifilm photo base layer with Luminax technology
  • Maximum stardard format size: 2000 mm x 1000 mm
  • Minimum standard format size: 200 mm x 200 mm
  • Colour’s resistance to light: 75 years (out of direct sunlight)
  • 11 Colour UV print

Printing technology

  • Printing technology: Micro PiezoTM – Epson Stylus Pro
  • Colour control: Variable-sized Droplet-Technology, Epson Ultra Micro Dot™
  • Colour system: EPSON UltraChrome 11-colour-system
  • Maximum resolution: 2880 x 1440 dpi bi-directional
  • Print dot size : 3.5pl

Fine Art Prints in numerous variations

We offer Fine Art Prints in numerous sizes and formats as you can see in the following table. This product is available in the variants Fine Art Print high-gloss and Fine Art Print semi-matt.