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    canvas print photography
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    Canvas print

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    Canvas print - Product description

    Canvas information

    • Real canvas made from 100% cotton
    • Fastened onto wooden frame
    • Modern HP© printing technology
    • 75 year colour guarantee
    • Made in Germany
    • Made with ♥ in Berlin

    Detailed information

    canvas hanging on a wall

    • Original artist canvas made from 360 g/m² cotton with a smooth linen structure
    • Fastened onto a wooden frame + 8 tensioning wedges incl.
    • Modern canvas printing technology with HEWLETT PACKARD© (HP – True Colour Technology)
    • Choice of frame: standard 0.8 in (2 cm) or gallery 1.6 in (4 cm)
    • PRIO production or Next Day delivery available
    • Environmentally friendly: produced from over 99% sustainable raw materials

    Canvas Print – All sizes

    Canvas Print 30 x 20 cm0,06St, Prio, 24h1420 x 9401,33
    Canvas Print 45 x 30 cm0,14St, Prio, 24h2130 x 14203,02
    Canvas Print 60 x 40 cm0,24St, Prio, 24h2830 x 18905,35
    Canvas Print 75 x 50 cm0,38St, Prio, 24h3540 x 23608,35
    Canvas Print 90 x 60 cm0,54St, Prio, 24h4250 x 283012,03
    Canvas Print 120 x 80 cm0,96St, Prio, 24h5670 x 378021,43
    Canvas Print 150 x 100 cm1,50St, Prio7090 x 472033,46
    Canvas Print 210 x 140 cm2,94St, Prio9920 x 661065,57
    Canvas Print 40 x 30 cm0,12St, Prio, 24h1890 x 14202,68
    Canvas Print 60 x 45 cm0,27St, Prio, 24h2830 x 21306,03
    Canvas Print 80 x 60 cm0,48St, Prio, 24h3780 x 283010,70
    Canvas Print 100 x 75 cm0,75St, Prio, 24h4720 x 354016,71
    Canvas Print 120 x 90 cm1,08St, Prio, 24h5670 x 425024,10
    Canvas Print 160 x 120 cm1,92St, Prio7560 x 567042,87
    Canvas Print 20 x 20 cm0,04St, Prio, 24h940 x 9400,88
    Canvas Print 30 x 30 cm0,09St, Prio, 24h1420 x 14202,02
    Canvas Print 40 x 40 cm0,16St, Prio, 24h1890 x 18903,57
    Canvas Print 45 x 45 cm0,20St, Prio, 24h2130 x 21304,54
    Canvas Print 50 x 50 cm0,25St, Prio, 24h2360 x 23605,57
    Canvas Print 60 x 60 cm0,36St, Prio, 24h2830 x 28308,01
    Canvas Print 70 x 70 cm0,49St, Prio, 24h3310 x 331010,96
    Canvas Print 75 x 75 cm0,56St, Prio, 24h3540 x 354012,53
    Canvas Print 80 x 80 cm0,64St, Prio, 24h3780 x 378014,29
    Canvas Print 90 x 90 cm0,81St, Prio, 24h4250 x 425018,06
    Canvas Print 100 x 100 cm1,00St, Prio, 24h4720 x 472022,28
    Canvas Print 110 x 110 cm1,21St, Prio5200 x 520027,04
    Canvas Print 120 x 120 cm1,44St, Prio5670 x 567032,15
    Canvas Print 130 x 130 cm1,69St, Prio6140 x 614037,70
    Canvas Print 140 x 140 cm1,96St, Prio6610 x 661043,69
    Canvas Print 50 x 40 cm10,20St, Prio, 24h2360 x 18904,46
    Canvas Print 75 x 60 cm0,45St, Prio, 24h3540 x 283010,02
    Canvas Print 100 x 80 cm0,8St, Prio, 24h4720 x 378017,84
    Canvas Print 150 x 120 cm1,80St, Prio7090 x 567040,20
    Canvas Print 60 x 30 cm0,18St, Prio, 24h2830 x 14204,02
    Canvas Print 80 x 40 cm0,32St, Prio, 24h3780 x 18907,14
    Canvas Print 90 x 45 cm0,41St, Prio, 24h4250 x 21309,05
    Canvas Print 100 x 50 cm0,5St, Prio, 24h4720 x 236011,14
    Canvas Print 120 x 60 cm0,72St, Prio, 24h5670 x 283016,05
    Canvas Print 140 x 70 cm0,98St, Prio, 24h6610 x 331021,88
    Canvas Print 150 x 75 cm1,13St, Prio7090 x 354025,10
    Canvas Print 160 x 80 cm1,28St, Prio7560 x 378028,58
    Canvas Print 180 x 90 cm1,62St, Prio8500 x 425036,13
    Canvas Print 200 x 100 cm2,00St, Prio9450 x 472044,60
    Canvas Print 220 x 110 cm2,42St, Prio10390 x 520054,03
    Canvas Print 240 x 120 cm2,88St, Prio11340 x 567064,30
    Canvas Print 60 x 20 cm0,12St, Prio, 24h2830 x 9402,66
    Canvas Print 90 x 30 cm0,27St, Prio, 24h4250 x 14206,04
    Canvas Print 120 x 40 cm0,48St, Prio, 24h5670 x 189010,72
    Canvas Print 150 x 50 cm0,75St, Prio, 24h7090 x 236016,73
    Canvas Print 180 x 60 cm1,08St, Prio8500 x 283024,06
    Canvas Print 210 x 70 cm1,47St, Prio9920 x 331032,84
    Canvas Print 240 x 80 cm1,92St, Prio11340 x 378042,87

    Service types and shipping time in days

    DestinationStandardPriority Production*24h-Express
    DE, AT3 – 41 – 21
    FR, NL, BE, LX, TZ, HN, PL, DK3 – 52 – 41**
    ES, PT, IT, SE, FI, IE4 – 63 – 61**
    CH, NO, REST5 – 74 – 6-
    WORLD7 – 12--

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    with real-time, whitelabel dropship, monthly bill***

    * Prioritised production and standard delivery
    ** In regions with Express delivery
    *** Minimum purchase 200 units / month

    Canvas – All information

    Canvas – elegant structure, great effect

    We have developed a product for almost every picture format. From the smallest to the most impressive super-sizes. This way we are able to offer more than 150 different Canvas Print formats as standard. This means that even for the largest standard format – 160 x 120cm – you only need a normal digital camera to ensure a high-quality reproduction of your images.

    Because the requirements of each XXL-Canvas photo are as different and diverse as each of your clients, we have created a format calculator so you can calculate the end price for each of your clients quickly and effectively.

    This is also the reason why professional photographers deliberately choose to have their photos printed on canvas – to further increase the artistic impact of their images. Canvas prints have long been the most popular photo product in our lab.

    A canvas print is a digital photo which is printed on real canvas, that is then stretched over a wooden frame. Placing the subject around the wooden frame adds a three-dimensional aspect to the artwork and emphasises its artistic expression.

    To produce photos on canvas, any picture taken with a modern digital camera is suitable, regardless of resolution. The image resolution does not need to be as high as it would be for offset printing – the properties of the canvas material achieve brilliant results even with medium resolution.

    Gratis e-book: pro guide – photo canvas

    Material & Colour

    Through years of experience and continuous improvement, we now have a canvas material that is a leader in the printing scene. It combines the elegant, fine structure of an artist’s canvas with the capability of faithfully reproducing your photo’s colours with digital print. The appearance, texture and colour brilliance of our canvas is unique. This has been confirmed by more than 30,000 enthusiastic commercial customers throughout Europe

    On the technical front, we use a Hewlett Packard® industrial printer. The printing process involves highly pigmented UV inks for brilliant, photo-realistic images. XXLPIX together with Hewlett Packard® guarantee the colour’s durability for 200 years in indirect sunlight.

    Production & delivery

    Once it is printed and dried, your photo is then stretched out on a wooden frame by our experienced professionals. This wooden frame is then glued multiple times giving it the stability it requires and transforms the two-dimensional photo into a three-dimensional work of art. Every move is personally documented throughout the production process, every step is supervised by a specialized employee, resulting in a body of work highly appreciated by professionals, who then often recommend us to colleagues.

    Suitable for…

    Canvas prints are a particularly attractive way to put artistic photography in the limelight. Canvas prints are also the most popular choice for exhibitions. Portrait photographers also reproduce high quality results from photo shoots on this impressive material. In industry and trade, this product is often used for office furnishings or in many hospitality environments. On the other hand, the use of it as a medium at trade fairs is not common.

    Material properties of Canvas Prints

    • Highly individual surface
    • Brilliant colour properties
    • Various formats available
    • Eco-friendly product
    • High recognition value
    • Expandable and flexible

    Technical data of canvas

    • Cotton 360 gr/m2
    • Distortion-free wooden stretcher frame
    • Thickness of wood: 42 mm
    • Thickness of frame: 20 mm, 40 mm
    • Colour fade resistance: 200 years (in indirect sunlight)
    • Fire protection class: B2

    Photos on canvas in numerous variations

    We offer canvas in numerous sizes and formats, as you can see in the following table. You can order even more individual canvases in every conceivable special format up to 300 x 140 cm. All of our canvas products are available with 2 cm standard frames as well as with 4 cm gallery frames.