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Alu-Dibond – Product description

Alu-Dibond information


  • Original Alu-Dibond from Thyssen Krupp©
  • Modern Océ – Canon™ print techology
  • 200 years’ fade resistance (indirect light)
  • White, semi-gloss or metallic, brushed surface finish
  • Best quality: Made in Germany
  • Made with ♥ in Berlin

Detailed information


  • Very sturdy Alu-Dibond© compound structure – 2 choices of frame thickness
  • Alu-Dibond© available in a metallic brushed and white, semi-gloss surface finish
  • Printed directly onto Alu-Dibond© with modern Canon™ print technology including white print
  • Aluminum printing also available in XXL sizes up to 80 in (2 metres) as custom sizes
  • Choose from 3 mounting systems – incl. “floating” effect mount

Alu-Dibond – All sizes

Photo on Alu-Dibond 30 x 20 cm0,06St, Ex, On1770 x 11802,09
Photo on Alu-Dibond 45 x 30 cm0,14St, Ex, On2660 x 17704,71
Photo on Alu-Dibond 60 x 40 cm0,24St, Ex, On3540 x 23608,35
Photo on Alu-Dibond 90 x 60 cm0,54St, Ex, On5310 x 354018,80
Photo on Alu-Dibond 120 x 80 cm0,96St, Ex, On7090 x 472033,46
Photo on Alu-Dibond 40 x 30 cm0,12St, Ex, On2360 x 17704,18
Photo on Alu-Dibond 60 x 45 cm0,27St, Ex, On3540 x 26609,42
Photo on Alu-Dibond 80 x 60 cm0,48St, Ex, On4720 x 354016,71
Photo on Alu-Dibond 120 x 90 cm1,08St, Ex, On7090 x 531037,65
Photo on Alu-Dibond 20 x 20 cm0,04St, Ex, On1180 x 11801,39
Photo on Alu-Dibond 40 x 40 cm0,16St, Ex, On2360 x 23605,57
Photo on Alu-Dibond 60 x 60 cm0,36St, Ex, On3540 x 354012,53
Photo on Alu-Dibond 80 x 80 cm0,64St, Ex, On4720 x 472022,28
Photo on Alu-Dibond 100 x 100 cm1,00St, Ex, On5910 x 591034,93
Photo on Alu-Dibond 80 x 40 cm0,32St, Ex, On4720 x 236011,14
Photo on Alu-Dibond 120 x 60 cm0,72St, Ex, On7090 x 354025,10

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Alu-Dibond – All information

A noble appearance – captivating colours

Alu-Dibond is a high quality material which brings professional photography into the contemporary scene. We provide two types of Alu-Dibond finishings. You can choose to print your photo on a silk-matte surface or on a brush-finished aluminium surface. Each aluminium print has an impressive and elegant look. Indeed, this 3mm thick material emphasises the high value of your images with its robust quality and high-end look . The brush-finished aluminium has a unique surface structure and a shiny metallic finish, similar to classic metallic photographic paper.

On a flatbed press, your image is directly printed onto an aluminium panel. Alu-Dibond photos are available in all popular formats. From classic photo formats in 3 : 2, to digital photo formats in 4 : 3, as well as panorama formats in 2 : 1, we can deliver two product variations in countless sizes up to 240 x 120 cm. The XXL format can be fully rendered from an image file of just 6 megapixels.

Alu-Dibond is a durable high quality medium, which puts professional artwork in the limelight. The sealed, even surface allows printing with the highest resolutions. Due to the sandwich design, Alu-Dibond is extremely stable and long-lasting. The optional metallic finish gives an especially unique look to almost any image.

Photo prints on aluminium are a well-known professional and precise medium, and are therefore often used for prestigious photography exhibitions. Aluminium is especially suitable for travelling exhibitions as it is so stable and robust – one of the reasons why it’s in such high demand at the photo lab.

With our direct printing technique on Alu-Dibond, XXLPIX achieves a quality standard that’s highly appreciated by professionals. We offer this product in two finishes and 17 selected standard formats. The maximum size is 2400 mm x 1200 mm. Custom sizes can be manufactured in a mini series of from just 25 units.

Free e-book: pro guide – Alu-Dibond

Material & colour

Printing on Alu-Dibond allows for manufacturing at the highest level. The sky really is the limit when using this material. The more information contained in your image file, the better. When choosing materials, we put emphasis on precision and quality, and work exclusively with Alu-Dibond produced in Germany. That way we can assure our quality claims for the final printing results.

XXLPIX offers Alu-Dibond in two varieties. You decide if you would like us to print your image on a white, semi-matte surface or on brush-finished aluminium. The appeal of both options lies in the fine, elegant look as well as the premium quality and durability of the material. The material strength for each is 3 mm. The brushed-finished aluminium also impresses with its fine surface texture and the metallic shine you may know from photo paper.

Production & delivery

Current technological advances in the printing industry are considerable. With the technology used at XXLPIX and the use of high-quality materials, as well as accurate pre-processing, it is now possible for the first time to print directly on extremely even surfaces such as Alu-Dibond with a resolution of up to 1400 dpi. To this day, there are still companies that simply glue posters to Alu-Dibond. By printing directly onto the aluminium, your image is intrinsically bonded to this firm, high quality material. No bleached-out paper causes your print to age, no glue separates from the material. During transport, Alu-Dibond prints are specially protected. The Alu-Dibond print is packaged in bubble wrap and, with protective corners, is packaged with a specially manufactured cardboard carton, which then is sealed in a final box and protected from any transport damage. This way, we guarantee that your artwork travels safely.

Suitable for …

Alu-Dibond as a material used for photographic reproduction is nothing new. Aluminium sandwich panels have been used as a medium for high-quality photo products for decades. Whether used for exhibitions, decoration or for informational displays, photos on Alu-Dibond are perfectly suited to convey a representative and high-quality impression.

Mounting and installation

Depending on the use of the product, we offer different mounting solutions. These can create an impression of free-floating by using adhesive bonds installed on the reverse side. In outdoor areas or with particularly heavy products, we recommend mounting with steel rods. All mounting kits can be selected during the ordering process.

Material properties of Alu-Dibond

  • Weather resistant
  • Optimal printability
  • Brilliant reproduction of colour
  • Warp-free, highly torsion-resistant
  • Certified dimensional stability
  • Highly corrosion-resistant

Technical data of Alu-Dibond

  • Surface: on both sides 0.3 mm
  • Polyethylene layer
  • Total thickness: 3 mm
  • Weight: 3.8 kg/m2
  • Maximum format: 2400 x 1250 mm
  • Fire resistance DIN 4102-2: B2
  • Types: pure white/semi matte and metallic/brush-finished

Printing on Alu-Dibond in numerous variations

We offer photo prints on Alu-Dibond in numerous sizes and formats as you can see in the following table. We can produce every special format up to 240 x 120 cm for you. Alu-Dibond is available in satin-matt and metallic variants.