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        The project

        Berlin photographer Ulrike Reetz opened her exhibition, “Spaziergänge durch New York” (Walks through New York) in Kaiserin-Friedrich-Haus on 27 May – 30 large-format photographs which capture the spirit and soul of this fascinating city. The images show the monumental architecture with its Cubist forms, fantastic reflections and shadows. The motifs are brought to life by a series of street scenes, which allow a glance into the vibrant everyday life of the metropolis.

        The photographer Ulrike Reetz is “in real life” a specialist doctor for psychotherapeutic medicine. She captures emotional moments and encounters with her camera and creates an authentic atmosphere. Her combination of moving human images, the play with reflections, shadow pictures and seemingly abstract details depict the very soul of the city.

        Project Results

        Countless enthusiastic visitors attended the opening of the exhibition in Kaiserin Friedrich-Haus. The exhibition created a lot of attention for the artist’s work, which had until that point only been published online. Several pieces were sold even during the opening.

        The photographs are still on display until the end of August. Entrance to the exhibition in Berlin-Mitte is free of charge upon application in advance by telephone.

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