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The Photo exhibition “HERE 2017”


The exhibition took place in the context of a ten-day art meet-up in May 2017 in Turin. The Berlin photographer Jörg F. Klam exhibited works of classic nude photography in the style of the sculptures of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin. The body painting generates a tangible tension between classic sculpture and modern art in the images.

The female nudes, reproduced on large-format canvases, perplex the viewer in two ways. On the one hand, the curvaceous forms of the bodies seem inchoate because they do not conform to the ideals of beauty of our times. They even contradict our everyday viewing habits of an abnormal, idealised idea of beauty. In addition, the perception of the classic nude is confused by the body painting applied. The white-coloured skin, which plays with a marble association, is provided with modern expression through the abstract application of colour. The photographer thus skilfully bridges the gap between classic sculpture and the modern.

The success


The photography exhibition in the context of the „HERE 2017“ event was a huge success. More than 10,000 visitors enjoyed the works over ten days at the international art event. With the exhibition, the photographer not only gained an interested audience but also artappreciating buyers for his works. In addition, the Berlin artist also benefitted from the intensive reporting by cross-regional and international media.

Further exhibitions have been planned for 2018. In May, the artist‘s works can be seen in the art association in Berlin. Due to his success in Turin, participation in „HERE 2018“ is also already planned.

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