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Photo exhibition „Fascination Automobile“


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Photo Exhibition „Fascination Automobile“


On 5th December 2013 the photographer Ralph Steckelbach presented his photographies of classic racing cars, rare sports cars and luxurious collector vehicles at the photo studio ASPEKTE in Kirchheim/Teck, Germany, for the first time.

The sophisticated series of photographs for the exhibition „Fascination Automobile“ evolved over the years on different race tracks worldwide. The photographies not only show the racing cars but also their drivers and owners in action. Moreover, different automobile scenes and impressions of the old fuel depot in Romanshorn, Switzerland, are exhibited.

After the vernissage the photographies were moved to the privatly held Rennsport-Museum Autobau which was founded by former professional racecar driver and racing legend Fredy Lienhard from Switzerland. He now exhibits his comprehensive vehicle collection of rare racing and luxurious cars.

The success


With his exhibition photographer Ralph Steckelbach gained broad resonance and recognition. Furthermore, the vernissage and the follow-up exhibition increased the awareness of his work in the reporting print and online media – even over Germanys‘ borders and beyond. More than 100 interested parties and representatives of the regional and national specialized and daily media showed up to the exhibition evening.

Daily visitors of the so called „Erlebniswelt Autobau„ in Romanshorn, Switzerland, are enthusiastic about Steckelbachs‘ series of photographs, which represent a harmonious ensemble in line with the exhibited vehicles. The quality of his sophisticated photos is impressively put into spotlight – especially by the large formats.

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