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The “Outdoor” photo exhibition


When sport is also a hymn to the beauty of the world! With the Outdoor exhibition, the Galerie Jean Daniel Walter in Paris celebrates sport and its greatest merits: the accomplishment, the confrontation with one‘s self and exceeding one‘s own limits. But in the outdoors, a person measures up against another opponent: nature! Nature challenges the athlete with its monumentality, its impressive, challenging existence.

The exhibition primarily presents the works of two photographers who significantly shape the genre: Alexis Berg, the man of great paths, trails and tracks – and Jeremy Bernard, photographer of mountains. They extol with their photography the origins of sport, its simple gestures in a natural environment: running, jumping, climbing.

Alexis Berg regards this sport, which he doesn‘t practice himself, with a sensitive and admiring eye. He takes photographs that reflect the insignificance of man in the midst of the great outdoors. Jérémy captures movement in its purest form and seeks out the best of the natural light for his motifs. In the results, he distils with his photography a graphic, poetic vision.

The works of Christophe Calais, Gerry Cranham, Sophie Mabille, Joost Wensveen and Espen Rasmussen supplement the spirit of the outdoor sport exhibition perfectly.

But don’t be deceived: these seemingly gentle and placid landscapes are in reality the scene for hard and capricious contest.

The success


The vernissage went very well indeed. The Galerie had a record number of visitors and received enthusiastic feedback on the exhibition. Due to popular demand, the exhibition was extended until the beginning of March. Leading critics from Sport et Style, L‘Équipe, Art à Paris, Grand Trail, Télérama and Géo visited and reported extensively about the exhibition.

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