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        In the course of constructing a new specialist rehabilitation centre for the Social Insurance Institution (PVA) in St. Radegund, a concept for the artistic decoration of the premises was required. The aim was to complete the design aspect of the modern building through a great number and variety of motifs.

        The challenge lay in selecting pictures to harmonise with the dominant colours throughout the eight-storey building on the one hand, and that they should be assigned to match the different areas thematically on the other.


        photo cup

        When approval was given by the PVA for the implementation of the project, the first patients were already receiving treatment. The photographer was there in person for the delivery of the over 300 photos and received a vast amount of extremely positive feedback from both staff and patients.

        The house was formally opened on the 13 June 2014 in the presence of State Governor Franz Voves and numerous guests of honour from regional politics and public health services.

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          Exhibition packages for photographers

          Package I - Alternative
          (26 motifs on canvas)

          1 x Canvas 180x120 cm

          25 x Canvas 105x75 cm

          1,665.10 GBP

          1,599 GBP

          Package II - Classic
          (26 motifs on Alu-Dibond©)

          1 x Alu-Dibond© 150x100 cm

          25 x Alu-Dibond© 90x60 cm

          2,387.10 GBP

          2,249 GBP

          Package III - Premium
          (26 motifs on XXLPIX© Premium Composite)

          1 x Premium Composite 150x100 cm

          25 x Premium Composite 90x60 cm

          5,648.91 GBP

          5,299 GBP