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    Privacy Policy

    1. We store and use your personal data (name, address, email address and payment details) in accordance with German data protection regulations. Your data will only be used to process your order or for your information.
    2. In order to complete your order, and where required, your details will be transferred to third parties such as transport companies, payment providers or other agents. These partner companies may only use your data in order to fulfil the contract.
    3. For security reasons, we do not store numerical data, such as credit card numbers, and so they must be re-entered each time you use our services.
    4. All data for image reproduction will be irrevocably destroyed once the order has been completed. Data storage media sent for forwarding images will be cleared after the transfer of images has been completed. Returns can be made on request, whereby the customer is liable for any costs incurred.
    5. On the grounds of a court order or suspicion of criminal activity (e.g. child pornography), data may be passed on to the law enforcement authorities.
    6. The image data supplied by you will not be used for advertising or any other purpose, and will not be made available to others.
    7. Under the German Federal Data Privacy Act, you have the right to request information on your data stored by our company free of charge. If you would like to exercise this right, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our customer service team. You will find contact details under ‘Contact’ or ‘About Us’ on our website.
    8. ‘Cookies’, which are transferred to your browser upon visiting our website, are used to optimise our website. You can disable the use of cookies in your browser settings either for our website specifically or in general.
    9. If you receive our newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time by replying with the message ‘Please unsubscribe’.
    10. Once your order has been completed, you may object to the use of your data at any time by sending us a mail with ‘Please clear my data’ in the subject line.
    11. Where necessary, we reserve the right to supplement and adapt our privacy policy to any applicable current requirements.
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