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Office artwork

Over 1 Mill. available design

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Art for corporate offices

As one of the sign of the times, it’s now an established fact that on average we spend 90,000 hours at work, usually in an office setting. This makes the environment that we spend so much time all the most important – as indeed, who would want to spend so much time in an office devoid of any visual stimulation? It has indeed been scientifically proven that corporate wall art with motivational quote or images will tend to improve the overall productivity in that environment.

Most popular motifs for office art

  • Plants
  • Black & White
  • Landscape
  • Architecture
  • Berlin
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How to choose office artwork?

There are various factors which need to be taken into account when considering office wall art – one of them being your own taste and interests. The sky really is the limit when it comes to the various motifs that can be featured within an office – and this is exactly where we can intervene and help out! With over a million of various motifs to choose from, we’re more than certain that we have what will be most suited for your corporate office artwork to create the best possible work environment!

Did you now? 97% of our customers have rated us to be VERY GOOD and EXCELLENT

What you need to look out for

1. Does it make sense to use own images for office wall art?

There are no two ways about it – if ever you do have your own professional quality images at hand, you should definitely put them to good use! Rather than images you have bought online, showing your own work will allow your employees to identify more with you and the overall feeling of unity within the company. However, this by no means mean that you ought to put picture of your family during your last holiday – this would in fact be deemed as somehow inappropriate if anything. If your photography aren’t quite up to scratch, that’s also perfectly okay – we have database of over a million different shots to choose from – no doubt we have whatever you might need!

2. What type of images are more appropriate for corporate office artwork?

As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to art for corporate offices, motivational artwork tends to be the most popular choice – for it has been proven that this can have positive effects on the employees’ productivity. Another popular theme is to go for local landscapes – this can enhance an overall sense of belonging and pride within the organisation. This is where large format prints can prove to be a pretty interesting choice for your corporate office artwork.
Though this may seem like something quite obvious, any imagery depicting nudity, erotica, violence, or any form of controversy is heavily discouraged in an office-type environment. Those may be appropriate in an art gallery, however, corporate office art ought to be something that doesn’t distract from actually working.

3. Are there materials that are better than others for office art work?

The choices are usually between Canvas, Alu-Dibond or Acrylic-glass to feature corporate office artwork on, and one can’t help but wonder – which one is actually the better medium? Well, each and everyone of them have their own qualities which can diffuse a certain atmosphere within the office. Canvas, for instance, is more traditional to showcase artwork on, where Alu-Dibond, for example can add a more modern edge to artwork, which can also be a statement you could be trying to project within the office. Acrylic glass prints, with their shiny surfaces can be more versatile, as when backlit, can create a stunning piece of art. All described material have been certified B1 and B2 for fire safety.

4. Image selection for coporate office art – how to go about it?

One of the encouraged strategies you can adopt when it comes to planning your new office art work is involving your employees in the image selection process. This will have a second-to-none effect on their general feeling of well-being if they get to have their own say about the room they spent the majority of their time in, actually reflects their own tastes. To avoid further complications, why not come up with a shortlist of images that your employees can then choose from?

5. When planning office wall art, is less more?

With many years of expertise and many satisfied customers, our opinion is without contest that more is more! In a context where thre are numerous artworks up, there will for sure be something for everyone! This will allow employees to feel more at ease, and thus, will encourage them to be overall more productive. Visual stimulation is key here – we recommend having a few statement pieces – why not even create a gallery-wall of vour own? We have also noticed that larger formats tend to be more suited for corridors, lobbies, foyers and especially meeting room – the larger formats create an altogether look of grandeur.

Offers for office artworks

Office Artworks: Offer package S

(for 15 offices + 1 large format)

1 x Canvas 120x80 cm

15 x Canvas 60x40 cm



Office Artworks – Offer package M
(for 25 offices + 1 large format)

1 x Canvas 120x80 cm

25 x Canvas 60x40 cm



Office Artworks – Offer package L
(for 50 offices + 1 large format)

5 x Canvas 120x80 cm

50 x Canvas 60x40 cm



New office, new art? Let us help you!

The wall art featured in offices, usually, will stick around for years and years. We have worked alongside many companies to help them redesign their everyday working environments and are happy to help you with your project. You can get in touch with us for a free consultation, so that we can better support you to implement wall art in your offices.

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